Tragic Murder at Playa del Carmen Presidential Debate: Morena Campaign Member Shot!

A female member of Estefanía Mercado's campaign team, a Morena party candidate for mayor in Playa del Carmen, was tragically shot and killed on Sunday night. She was attending a public event to watch the third debate between presidential candidates at the time.

The incident was reported by the Quintana Roo Prosecutor's Office to have taken place around 8:30 pm in the Ejidal neighborhood. Witnesses at the scene reported hearing multiple gunshots. The woman was found dead just a few meters from where the Morena party members were heading for the meeting.

It was reported that the assailant fled the scene in a taxi. The identity of the victim remains unknown at this time. However, the Quintana Roo Prosecutor's Office has confirmed that she was indeed a member of mayoral candidate Estefanía Mercado's team.

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