“Nautical Sector Advocate Mildred Ávila Promises Law Reforms!”

Mildred Ávila Vera, a federal deputy candidate for district 04 of the Sigamos Haciendo Historia coalition, has pledged her support for the nautical sector. She made this commitment at a meeting with entrepreneurs from the industry. Also in attendance were Ana Patricia Peralta De la Peña, a candidate for municipal president, Anahí González Hernández, a senatorial candidate, and Humberto Aldana Navarro, a candidate for federal deputy in district 03. The meeting was organized by the Asociados Náuticos de Quintana Roo, an organization that represents over fifty nautical tourism companies in the region, under the leadership of Francisco Fernández.

During the meeting, Ávila Vera and the other candidates signed an agreement to foster a conducive environment for the growth and development of the nautical sector. This industry provides hundreds of jobs in the Mexican Caribbean. Ávila Vera's primary commitment was to jointly review all federal regulations that govern nautical activities. The goal is to modernize these regulations to reflect current realities and ensure environmental sustainability.

“Our challenge is to strike a balance between using our natural resources and preserving them, so that our destinations can sustain their legacy for future generations,” Ávila Vera said. She pledged to work collaboratively to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and their needs are met. She also emphasized the need for careful consideration of legal perspectives, to avoid contradictions in potential law reforms from the Chamber of Deputies and ensure the efficacy of legislative proposals.

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On a local level, Ávila Vera highlighted the recent approval of significant anti-extortion legislation, underscoring the importance of justice and economic development for the municipality. Regarding federal regulations, she pointed out the need to work on initiatives such as reforming the law on navigation and maritime commerce. She suggested involving all stakeholders in this process through open parliament schemes.

The meeting concluded with Ávila Vera's promise to stimulate the growth of the nautical sector in Quintana Roo, while also ensuring environmental protection and adherence to current regulations.