A freight train emblazoned with "Interoceánico" alongside an inset image of a smiling woman wearing a red scarf.

“Interoceanic Train to Expand into Guatemala & Belize: Strategic Move Revealed!”

Claudia Sheinbaum, the anticipated president-elect of Mexico, has revealed plans for the Interoceanic Train and the Mayan Train to potentially extend into neighboring countries. These projects are seen as key strategic developments for Mexico.

Sheinbaum suggests that the train lines could reach as far as Guatemala and Belize. "There is a proposal for the Mayan Train and the Interoceanic Train to extend to the border with Guatemala, and potentially even further into Guatemala and Belize," she stated.

Sheinbaum confirmed that Mexico's President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has been in talks with Guatemala's President, Bernardo Arévalo, about the potential for the train lines to extend into his country. She also highlighted the desire to further develop the southern border of Mexico.

The president-elect also expressed a keen interest in developing the south-southeast of Mexico. This development is aimed at creating job opportunities for both Mexican citizens and migrants.

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