An aerial view of a white sandy beach with clear blue waters, beachgoers, palm trees, boats, and coastal buildings.

“Tourism Plummets in Mexican Caribbean: What’s Behind the Drop?”

Popular tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, including Cancún, Riviera Maya, Tulum, and Cozumel, have experienced a significant drop in visitors. Over 200,000 Brazilian tourists have stopped visiting since the cancellation of the digital visa in September 2022. This has resulted in a loss of more than 400 million dollars in revenue for these destinations.

The Mexican Caribbean Hotel Council's president has expressed concern over the situation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously pledged to reinstate the digital visa service for Brazilian tourists, but there has been no progress on this front. This has resulted in Brazil no longer being one of Mexico's primary tourism markets.

The council president also highlighted issues with how immigration authorities treat travelers, particularly those from Colombia, as a factor discouraging tourism. Additionally, the need to bolster Mexico's promotion to attract more visitors was emphasized.

The delay in reinstating the digital visa and issues with immigration could potentially harm the tourism industry and the economy of the Mexican Caribbean region.

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