An image showing road construction with an excavator, concrete barriers, construction workers, and vehicles lining up next to the construction site under an overcast sky.

“Breaking News: Mayan Train Project Hit by Major Delays in Sections 6 and 7”

The National Defense Secretary has confirmed that sections 6 and 7 of the Mayan Train will not be completed by the previously estimated June deadline due to significant construction delays.

The Bacalar and Chetumal stations, currently at 70 percent completion, will not be finished in time for the June inauguration. The situation is even more delayed at the Mayan Train workshops in Chetumal, where construction continues on the embankment and the central building's columns have only recently been installed.

Additional delays have been reported in the construction of two bridges, one at the city's main entrance near the Public Security Secretariat facilities and the other on the federal highway adjacent to the Mayan Train workshops. These projects have been causing significant disruptions to road traffic on the Chetumal-Bacalar highway for months. It's estimated that at least 30 minutes are needed to enter or exit the area due to the constant flow of trucks and heavy machinery. This traffic has caused substantial damage to the asphalt, particularly between Chetumal and Felipe Carrillo Puerto and from Chetumal to the Xpujil community.

Further delays are evident in the stretch from Chetumal to Escárcega. Over 90% of the 509-kilometer journey covering both sections lacks a track, and even the ballast has not been placed. In many areas, the embankment, which will support the sleepers and rails, has not even been started.

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Despite these setbacks, it's worth noting that sections 6 and 7 of the Mayan Train project have employed a workforce of 17,200 active workers and 5,800 units of heavy machinery.