“Maya Coast Sargassum-Free: Summer Hotel Boom Ahead”

CHETUMAL, MX. – Gerardo Pérez Zafra, the representative of COPARMEX in the area, has reported that the beaches of the Maya Coast are largely free of sargassum. Only a few locations have reported the presence of this seaweed. The placement of barriers to prevent the seaweed from reaching the coast aligns with recommendations from economic sectors and local residents.

Pérez Zafra noted that sargassum started appearing in December last year, but this year the situation is much better. The seaweed is only present in a few locations, leaving most of the beaches clean. He also mentioned that communication with the Ministry of the Navy has improved following a staff change. The new team has shown a different attitude, listening to the concerns of the community and business owners. "It's the first time the Navy has listened to us," he said.

The installation of the anti-sargassum barrier has already begun, with plans to extend its length for greater protection. Pérez Zafra stated that the Easter season was successful, and they anticipate a rise in hotel occupancy during the school holidays in July and August. He also clarified that June is a low season, so they have introduced various promotions in hotel rates and restaurants. "We hope that in summer the hotel occupancy is at least 80 percent," he added.