Two images side by side of a large crocodile in urban settings - on the left, the crocodile is amongst litter under some branches, and on the right, it walks on a paved path near trees.

Giant Crocodiles Spotted Roaming Yucatán Streets

Two large crocodiles have been sighted wandering the streets of Progreso and Puerto Morelos in Yucatán. Social media was abuzz with videos and photos showing one of the reptiles near a local supermarket.

Luis Díaz Gamboa, a herpetologist and director of the Yucatán Network for the Conservation of Amphibians and Snakes, explained that crocodiles need to thermoregulate. They rely on the sun to recharge their energy, as their metabolic functions are fulfilled by their environment, with heat being their primary energy source.

According to Díaz Gamboa, these crocodiles are seeking out what used to be wetlands, in search of sunlight. One of the giant reptiles was spotted taking a leisurely stroll early in the morning at the scenic port of Progreso, Yucatán.

Reports have stated that this particular crocodile was spotted near a popular supermarket. This isn't the first time these reptiles have been seen exploring the coastal city. As soon as the crocodile was spotted, local residents promptly reported its presence.

Members of the Ecological Police and representatives from the Be'Tonal Project, a civil association dedicated to animal rescue, were dispatched to the scene to locate the crocodile.

Local residents have noted that this crocodile is known to sunbathe and roam the streets at night. Another report detailed an incident where a crocodile entered a house in Puerto Morelos, Yucatán, and took a swim in the pool. After its capture, the reptile was relocated to Crococun.