A serious issue is currently unfolding in Puerto Juárez, where local fishermen have barricaded José López Portillo avenue. The fishermen are protesting against their eviction from a plot of land they have occupied for many years. This land is owned by the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (Croc).

Salomé Cen Dzul, the delegate of Puerto Juárez, revealed in an interview that they have been trying to find a suitable relocation site for the fishermen for several months. Unfortunately, no suitable location has been found that can accommodate the equipment stored on the plots next to Playa del Niño, or the over 100 boats owned by the "Selene" Cooperative.

Dzul explained that the disputed plot is owned by Croc. The local leader, Mario Machuca, sold the area on behalf of the union. The sale was intended to raise funds for the construction of new union facilities elsewhere.

Dzul noted that the sale process began during the pandemic. Since then, the new owners have already applied for cleaning permits.

Dzul acknowledged the potential impact of this situation on over 200 families who depend on the activities conducted on this plot, which was once a "fishing village". She further stated that it is yet to be decided whether the fishermen will be allowed to operate solely from the pier and beach if the federal maritime-land area is not concessioned.

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