Firefighters in protective gear are seen through a haze of smoke and flames as they work to extinguish a raging wildfire.

40 Fires in 100 Hours: Solidaridad in Flames

In the span of 100 hours, from last Monday to Thursday, the Solidaridad Fire Department was called to respond to a staggering 40 fire incidents in Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras.

These fires have wreaked havoc on homes, vacant lots, and businesses, and have even resulted in the burning of rubbish. This sudden surge in fires has understandably sparked a high level of concern among local residents. Authorities have attributed the rise in fire incidents to the onset of the hot weather season in the region.

However, they also urge the public to take preventative steps. This includes refraining from initiating controlled burns and avoiding the disposal of lit cigarette butts in inappropriate areas.

The most significant fire occurred on Thursday in a warehouse owned by a company that constructs palapas. A team of 18 firefighters was required to tackle the blaze, using over 100,000 liters of water in the process.

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