Police tape reading "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" in the foreground with police vehicles and an officer in riot gear behind it on a road with tropical foliage on the sides.

URGENT: Shocking Abduction in Chunhuhub!

In the early hours of Thursday, a man was abducted by an armed group in Chunhuhub, Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The incident reportedly took place around 3 a.m., causing alarm among local residents and prompting a call to emergency services.

The man, believed to be a resident of Playa del Carmen, had recently rented a home in Chunhuhub. It is suggested that he had relocated to the area from Playa del Carmen.

Eyewitnesses report that several armed individuals exited a van and forcibly entered the man's home, taking him against his will. Police were quick to arrive on the scene, securing the area for further investigation.

Agents from the State Attorney General's Office were also present, conducting a thorough search of the property. Following the incident, search alert number 59/ZN/2024 was issued in an attempt to locate the victim.

The victim has been identified as 21-year-old Víctor Josiel B. P. Currently, there is no information regarding his whereabouts and he is officially considered missing.

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