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Lili Campos Vows to Transform Puerto Aventuras for the Better

Solidaridad, Quintana Roo – Lili Campos, the mayoral candidate for Solidaridad from the "Strength and Heart for Quintana Roo" alliance, has committed to ongoing development and renewal in Puerto Aventuras. This commitment follows the recent elevation of Puerto Aventuras from a delegation to a Mayoralty.

During a meeting with local athletes, Campos stated that the orderly development of the area will continue to benefit its residents. "We have already made significant progress in rejuvenating the area, including establishing a Mayor's office. Now, with your help, we will shape the regulations of Puerto Aventuras to ensure continued growth that benefits the people of Solidaridad," she said.

Campos received support from the athletes, who recognized the improvements in lighting, maintenance, and cleanliness of the sports facilities in the region. She affirmed that the sports regulation of the Puerto Aventuras Mayoralty will be established on June 2nd as part of the ongoing renewal efforts. "This is a commitment to continue advancing in the growth that your families deserve," she concluded.

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