An ocelot standing in a sandy beach clearing between the trees, looking at the camera

Rare Jaguar Spotted Near Mayan Train Tracks! Watch Video

A jaguar, scientifically known as panthera onca, has been spotted near the Mayan Train tracks in Campeche, likely in search of food or water.

A video of the jaguar casually strolling near the tracks has been making rounds on social media. The exact date the video was taken is unclear, but it appears to have been recorded by workers in the area over the past few days.

The intense heat experienced in the state may be driving these animals out of their natural habitats in search of sustenance.

Social media users have been debating the exact location of the sighting. Some suggest it’s between the ExHacienda Kalá and Siglo XXI housing units on the outskirts of the Campeche capital. Others believe it’s in the north of the State, where the jaguar was seen seeking water. Yet, some have shared the video claiming the animal was spotted in the Aloja subdivision of Cancún.

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