Clandestine Party in Tulum With Over 150 Tourists Shut Down

TULUM – As a result of a citizen complaint, a clandestine party was closed at a beach club located in Caleta Tankah. There were more than 150 tourists in attendance.

Alfonso Bastos Flores, head of the Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) in Tulum, declared that through the anonymous report, inspectors came to the location, 6 kilometers from Tulum, heading north towards Playa del Carmen. Once the massive event was verifies, the party was shut down and the beach club sealed off.


In this location, in addition to selling alcohol outside of the established hours, healthy distancing was not respected nor the limit of allowed capacity as mandated by the Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light which is currently in orange.

Bastos Flores commented that in the clandestine event that took place in the beach area. There were national and foreign tourists, none of whom were respecting proper sanitary measures.

The event, held in Caleta Tankah, did not respect the sanitary guidelines for the current Epidemiological Stoplight.

The Quintana Roo State Police and the National Guard were also on the scene to supervise the shut down and maintain order amongst the partygoers.

Flores encouraged citizens to continue to make these anonymous complaints about these types of events that contravene the regulations set forth during the pandemic.

“We will continue to carry out these actions or surprise operations to detect all kinds of events that do not respect health standards,” said the official.

He added that it is practically impossible to prevent these parties in inaccessible areas and there are people who still do not respect the preventive measures of COVID-19. However, authorities are doing everything in their power to locate and stop them.

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Source: Yucatan a la Mano