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Salinas Drained to Prevent Overflow in Isla Mujeres – Click to See the Miraculous Results!

Hurricane Beryl brought prolonged rainfall over the weekend, leading to 55,000 cubic meters of rainwater being drained into the sea. The Salina Grande, a major body of water, began to show signs of drop. It is anticipated that it will take until Wednesday for the water level to fall 15 centimeters below "zero".

Two bilge pumps in the Salina Grande were able to remove 13,824 cubic meters of water in the first 24 hours, starting Friday night once the electricity was restored. This helped to prevent the overflow. By Sunday noon, a decrease of 5 centimeters was observed. However, runoff in the South and North areas remained intense. It is estimated that the goal of dropping 15 centimeters below "zero" will be met by Wednesday.

In the Salina Chica, the potential for discharge is similar, but the goal was almost achieved. The two pumps were considered for shutdown on Sunday night after expelling more than 27,000 cubic meters of rainwater. This was due to the smaller size of the lagoon and the absence of more runoffs.

The sports unit, which is still waterlogged, has not shown any decline. However, it is expected to reduce the water level by Tuesday, according to Civil Protection personnel. On the Circuito Colonias roadway, no water accumulation was observed, thanks to the storm drain network draining into the aforementioned lagoon. The total drainage of the two Salinas…