gas pipeline playa del carmen

Installation of Gas Pipeline to Continue on the Federal Highway in Playa del Carmen

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – The installation of the Playa del Carmen gas pipeline, owned by Gas Natural del Noroeste SA de CV, does not interfere with the construction of the Mayan Train, since they do not intersect, clarified the Secretary of Territorial Planning and Sustainability of Solidaridad, David Duarte Castile.

gas pipeline playa del carmen

The Gas Natural del Noroeste company, he recalled, won the concession to bring natural gas from the center of the country to Tulum, passing through the entire south-southeast of Mexico. Currently the gas pipeline is being built in Uayma, through Valladolid.

In Playa del Carmen, the company has all permits to introduce a main line along the side street or the vehicular bridge and a smaller 4-inch polypropylene line along Fifth Avenue, where the connections blocks are already prepared.

“These two lines are going to be joined by a third, along CTM Avenue. That is the project that exists until today in Playa del Carmen,” Duarte Castilla explained.

On whether it will interfere with the Mayan train, he said no, because the train comes from the center of the federal highway but from the east side of the vehicular bridge, and the main line of the gas pipeline comes from the west side.

“They are not intercepted, nor is there any risk. In addition this company is in close communication with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (FONATUR), the Municipality of Solidaridad and the companies in charge of the Mayan Train, ” he stated. “We even met with the Mayan Train contractors to cross-check the corresponding information; the company (that of the gas pipeline) has all the permits from the energy regulatory commission, and energy and environment, and has municipal permits for the use of public roads. “

Likewise, Duarte Castilla recalled that the authorities in charge plan to finish the gas pipeline in Playa del Carmen on September 30.

“There are night works, the trenches will be dug only where the pipe will immediately be installed, then the fluid filling and replacement of the asphalt will happen to close the sections and finish the gas pipeline,” he explained.

Regarding the lack of marking and physical measures, he said that Territorial Planning and Sustainability is at the available to anyone who needs information.

“As City Council we have tried to ensure that the company complies with indications of where the ditches are, especially due to hurricanes. Although this falls within the jurisdiction of the SCT, we are aware of all complaints and concerns, ”he clarified.

Source: Noticaribe

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