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Work Begins in Municipalities of Quintana Roo Near Mayan Train

More than 778 million pesos will be invested in the municipalities of  Bacalar, Benito Juárez, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Othón P. Blanco, Puerto Morelos and Tulum 

The Secretariat of Agrarian, Land, and Urban Development (SEDATU) has started working on areas adjacent to the Maya Train project following the plans of the The Urban Improvement Program (PMU). The project has an investment of just over 778 million pesos (mp).

In the municipality of Bacalar, more than 170 million pesos will be invested for renovations of the central park and its surroundings. The civic space will have a dock on the lagoon and there will be a baseball field downtown. A municipal market, a library, a sports field and an eco-park will also be built.

The municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto will have a brand new Fire department station, as well as a public square, a library, a park with special needs facilities and sports infrastructure, a theater and the Main park of “La Madre” will undergo renovations all of this will cost little more than 127 million pesos 

In Tulum, over 88 million pesos will be allocated for the construction of the ‘Yáanal Ha’  underwater museum of the Mayan culture; the ‘Pok Ta Pok’ sports center and the Community Development Center as well as the renovation of the South Osiris interconnection.

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In Puerto Morelos a Cultural Center will be built, as well as a downtown museum, a fire department and civil protection station and the Pescadores sports unit will undergo Renovations. A budget of approximately  42 million pesos will be used.  

Cancun and surrounding areas in the municipality of Benito Juarez will benefit from 211 million pesos that will be used for the construction of the market, a Park, a Community Development Center, the ecological park in ‘Ombligo verde’, a sports park, box gym, the region 259 public park, the city theater, and the renovation of the park and sports module ‘Los gemelos’.

Finally, SEDATU highlighted that this work is part of the economic reactivation strategy, which also includes actions for the improvement and expansion of housing through the National Housing Commission (CONAVI).

in Quintana Roo 7,723 will benefit from direct support, increasing the current  6,542 families  with an investment of just over 322 million pesos.

Source: Centro Urbano