A police truck parked beside orange traffic cones on a street with a minibus approaching from the opposite direction under a clear sky.

Security Boost on Cancún Public Transport After Minibus Heist

In response to a recent armed robbery on a public transport minibus, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) has initiated a special surveillance operation on Cancún's public transportation system.

Law enforcement officers are now increasing their presence on minibuses and interacting more with passengers. They are educating the public on the use of the emergency number 911, which is operational 24/7.

This heightened security comes in the wake of a robbery on a minibus operated by the company Transporte Terrestre Estatal (TTE). Two armed individuals boarded the bus posing as passengers, then proceeded to threaten the driver with a gun. One female passenger managed to escape and sought help at a traffic light. At the next stop, the driver was also able to exit the bus and alerted his supervisor, who immobilized the vehicle using GPS tracking. The robbers escaped in a taxi, but not before they had taken the remaining passengers' belongings.

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