People enjoying a sunny day at a beach market with thatched umbrellas along the shore and various stalls and seating areas.

“Record Crowds Flock to Cancún’s Playa del Niño Beach on Sunday!”

Cancún's intense heat prompted locals to seek refuge at Playa del Niño, resulting in a bustling beach scene.

As with most Sundays, Cancún residents flocked to the popular Playa del Niño. The beach was brimming with families enjoying the weather, beach, and sea. Most brought along their picnic setups, turning the beach into a communal dining area. Religious groups also frequent the beach for special occasions, such as baptisms.

One such group, the Fundamental Baptist Church known as "Grace and Life", arrived early to baptize three adults. Pastor Ángel Ek explained, “We baptize people who accept Jesus Christ as their savior. We use the beach for baptisms because our church doesn't have a baptistry.” The group also brings food to socialize, continuing their gathering and Holy Ordinance at the church in the evening. Alongside these congregations, families enjoying their lunch were serenaded by bands and solo artists hoping to earn tips from the beachgoers.

Picnics on the beach are becoming increasingly common at Playa del Niño. The beach is popular due to its lack of sargasso seaweed and its public accessibility, unlike many of Cancún's beaches that have been taken over by hotels. The beach also offers services for people with disabilities and older adults, and has lifeguards, prevention police officers, National Guard, and Civil Protection staff on site.

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The Civil Protection area was flying a yellow flag, indicating caution when entering the sea. Beachgoers are advised to always check the flag's color, which changes according to weather conditions. A green flag indicates safe swimming conditions, while a red flag signals danger.