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The leader of an extortion racket in Solidaridad, known as Juan José "N" or "Commander CH", has been handed a 20-year and 10-month prison sentence for an attempted murder in March 2021. The victim, a leader of a local motor-taxi association, was shot in the chest and hand outside Plaza las Américas.

Three men approached the victim and her two companions. One of the men revealed that he was sent by "CH", who was in prison at that time. He then proceeded to shoot her.

The Public Prosecution established Juan José "N"'s criminal liability during the trial, resulting in his lengthy sentence and a fine of 112,025 pesos. He was also ordered to make reparations for the harm caused.

Juan José "N" was arrested by Yucatan Investigative Police officers in 2020 and initially held at the Solidaridad Municipal Retention Centre. He was later moved to a federal prison in Coahuila, where he remains.

Known by other aliases such as "El Nene" or "El Pepe", "Commander CH" was exposed on social media, allegedly by Playa-based businessmen. They accused him of running an extortion network from Merida. The convicted criminal was linked to "El Pantera", the leader of the "Los Pelones" group. Before his arrest in October 2019, "El Pantera" was primarily involved in business extortions.