Iconic Playa del Carmen Bookstore Robbed in Broad Daylight

The “Il Quinto Cavaliere” bookstore suffered a robbery that has forced it to liquidate its books.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN – The bookstore, one of the most emblematic in Playa del Carmen, registered a robbery that has forced it to auction off its books, in order to recoup the investment in computer equipment that was stolen.


“Il Quinto Cavaliere” is a charming “old-fashioned” bookstore, which sells second-hand books in the Ejidal neighborhood. They are now making a plea to their regular customers and Playa del Carmen residents to purchase books so that they can begin to replace their equipment.

Claudia Palomo Méndez, founder of the publishing project, invited to acquire the copies for 20 pesos to be able to recover the stolen equipment, in addition to narrating the unfortunate story. 

“In recent days we were victims of crime. During our normal work day, they broke into our premises and stole our computer equipment. We are very sad and scared but we are still on our feet and moving forward. As you know, we are a non-profit activity where our only objective is to provide books with a second chance in a home where they can show off and wait for the person who will give them new life by reading it ”, said Claudia Palomo.

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“To continue our activity we need to replace what was stolen from us. We urgently need these funds and as such, we have decided to make our entire inventory available to you at 20 pesos per book in any language during this month of July,” added Palomo Méndez. 

This area has become subject to many robberies in recent months.

Nearby Parque La Ceiba has suffered also thefts, from whom cable and furniture have been stolen. The residents of that area ask law enforcement authorities to stop such acts that undermine citizens.

“Il Quinto Cavaliere” has books available in all genres of literature, academic texts and in various languages. People interested in supporting these efforts can go to the shop on Primera Sur street, between 60 and 65 in the Ejidal Sur neighborhood, just next to Parque La Ceiba. Shop hours are Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Source: SIPSE