A person wearing a campaign jacket stands facing a building as construction workers relax on an upper-level balcony.

“Gino Segura’s Cozumel Campaign: Connecting with Citizens on the Streets!”

Gino Segura, a candidate for the Senate of the Republic, has pledged to legislate for the benefit of families in Cozumel. On May 1, he embarked on a busy schedule that began with a walk through Section 191 in the Centro neighborhood, accompanied by José Luis Chacón, a candidate for Municipal President.

During their walk, they met with local merchants, who expressed their support and gratitude for the candidates' visit. Segura expressed his pleasure at being in the neighborhood again, promising to continue returning to hear residents' ideas and concerns directly.

In the afternoon, Segura held productive meetings with supporters, who reaffirmed their complete backing. They also expressed their belief that the 4T movement will maintain its momentum and achieve a sweeping victory on June 2.

To conclude the day, Segura and Renán Sánchez Tajonar, another candidate, went door-to-door in the Félix González Canto neighborhood. Local residents and passersby took the opportunity to share their concerns and suggest ideas that could benefit their neighborhood and Cozumel as a whole.

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