Police officers and patrol cars behind yellow police tape at a nighttime crime scene


On Monday, May 6, a deadly armed assault occurred on Luna Street, between Mercury and Tulum Avenue. The attack resulted in three fatalities and one severely injured individual, who was rushed to Playa del Carmen for urgent medical treatment. One of the victims was identified as Andrés Dzul Caamal, brother of the late Tulum Mayor, Marciano Dzul Caamal, who passed away in 2023.

The incident took place at approximately 8:35 p.m., prompting an urgent call to emergency services. The area was quickly cordoned off by armed forces, while paramedics attended to the victims. Three of the individuals were pronounced dead at the scene, while the fourth was critically injured.

Eyewitness accounts suggest that the attackers arrived in a vehicle and opened fire on the victims before making their escape. Despite the swift response from authorities, the assailants remain at large.

In addition to Andrés Dzul Caamal, the other two deceased victims have been identified as José N. and Cristóbal N. The injured individual, who is currently fighting for his life at the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen, has been identified as Patricio N.

The state Attorney General's Office has since opened an investigation into the incident. In a press statement, the Prosecutor's Office confirmed that they are analyzing the evidence collected to locate the perpetrators. They also confirmed that the shooting took place outside a residence in the Maya neighborhood, resulting in three deaths and one injury.

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The Prosecutor's Office, in collaboration with the Group for Coordination for the Construction of Peace and Security of Quintana Roo, is maintaining surveillance in the municipality to ensure the safety of the local population and visitors.