Ground support equipment arrayed on the tarmac in front of a terminal building with a control tower labeled 'COZUMEL' against a cloudy sky.

American Tourist Busted in Cozumel with Ammunition Stash

A traveler was apprehended at Cozumel International Airport when over 100 usable ammunition cartridges were discovered in his baggage.

The individual, an American, was taken into custody on Sunday evening upon his arrival on the island via a commercial flight. The National Guard made the arrest after nearly 100 usable ammunition cartridges were found in his luggage. The traveler was then transported to Cancún for further legal proceedings, according to federal authorities. Details regarding the airline the individual used for his journey from the United States were not disclosed. During the inspection, only the cartridges were found in his two suitcases, with no other suspicious items or devices.

Security protocols were swiftly enacted upon discovery of the ammunition. The traveler was arrested and informed about the legal procedures for such cases, as it is illegal and punishable by law to bring military weapons and explosives into the country.

The traveler, believed to be around 55 years old, was initially taken to Playa del Carmen before being moved to Cancún, where his legal status will be determined. Cozumel is a key location for security, as its airport is one of only two in the country that accepts private international flights. As a result, preventative and security measures are heightened to conduct thorough inspections for incoming and outgoing foreign aircraft.

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To date, there have been no recorded instances of individuals entering Mexico illegally or transporting forbidden items on these flights. Similarly, no irregularities have been found on flights arriving from Central and South America that are required to land at the airport for passenger and cargo inspection. The airport command shares the responsibility for these inspections and is tasked with implementing internal and external security plans.