A vibrant sign spelling 'HOLBOX' with colorful 3D letters, with a gray sky and boats in the background on the water.

Holbox Island Flood Crisis: Tour Operators Face Massive Losses

Holbox Island is currently submerged under floodwaters, bringing nearly all activities to a standstill. For five days, tour operators on the island have been grappling with adverse weather conditions, incurring daily losses of up to 18,000 pesos per boat. Víctor Sánchez, a representative from the Ensueño del Caribe Holbox tourist cooperative, notes that the impact extends beyond the tourism industry as the entire island is grappling with the effects of the floods and the port's closure due to heavy rainfall.

The inclement weather has disrupted the lives of more than 400 families on Holbox Island. The situation is further exacerbated by a lack of support from municipal authorities. Jesús David Escobedo, president of Caribbean Operating Tourist Services in Puerto Juárez, points out that the absence of the Jetway ferry service in Puerto Juárez has had a detrimental impact on tours, leading to a significant drop in operations.

Boat operators on Holbox Island are experiencing daily financial losses ranging from 5,000 to 17,000 pesos, depending on the size of their boats. Despite the challenging circumstances, some are finding alternative ways to keep their businesses afloat, such as offering cab tours and redirecting land tours.

The Quintana Roo Integral Port Administration (Apiqroo) has provided updates on the status of the region's ports, revealing that several remain closed due to the weather conditions. The situation on Holbox Island underscores the detrimental effect that heavy rainfall can have on the area's tourism industry and overall economic activity.