A view from space showing a large, well-defined hurricane with a clear eye, surrounded by swirling clouds over Earth's surface, demonstrating the curvature of the Earth at the horizon line.

“Prepare for Hurricane Beryl: Find Yucatan Shelters Now!”

Hurricane Beryl, currently a category 4 storm, is making its way towards the Yucatan Peninsula. The National Meteorological Service (SMN) has reported that the storm's center is in the Caribbean Sea and is expected to bring heavy rains, surges, and intense winds to the Yucatan region on Thursday, July 4.

Residents of Yucatan are already taking precautionary measures in anticipation of the hurricane. The state government has set up temporary shelters for those who may need them. Information about these shelters, including their locations, can be found here. There are more than 1,170 such establishments located in the municipalities of Tizimín, Valladolid, Tekax, Motul, and Mérida.

The region is actively preparing for the impact of the cyclone. Various agencies, both at the municipal and state level, are collaborating to ensure the safety of the citizens. These include the Army, the National Guard, the Federal Electricity Commission, the Navy, and Conagua.

Enrique Alcocer Basto, the director of Yucatan's Civil Protection, has warned that when Beryl reaches Yucatan, it will bring winds ranging from 67 to 117 kilometers per hour. Heavy rains are expected to begin on Thursday afternoon and intensify on Friday morning, July 5.

To reassure the public, Alcocer Basto emphasized that all levels of government are working together through the State Council of Civil Protection. Representatives from various agencies, social and private entities are also involved in these efforts.

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The people of Yucatan have responded to the impending storm in various ways. Some have even found humor in the situation, creating memes, trending topics on Twitter, and joking about the wrath of the gods. Regardless, authorities are urging citizens not to panic and to pay close attention to official announcements.