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Fernanda Alvear’s Revolutionary Plan for Child Welfare in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, April 29, 2024 – Fernanda Alvear, a mayoral candidate for the Fuerza y Corazón por Quintana Roo coalition, has proposed a vision for Puerto Morelos that includes safe spaces and well-maintained roads for the benefit and development of children. Her platform aligns with that of Xóchitl Gálvez, a presidential candidate, who advocates for the reinstatement of Full-Time Schools and child care facilities, programs that were previously discontinued by the federal government.

Alvear, who is also a candidate for the PRI and PAN parties, has urged voters to make an informed decision in the upcoming June 2 election. She encourages voters to consider the realities they and their children face daily. During her campaign, Alvear has noted that the primary concerns raised by the community are insecurity, fear for their children's safety, and a lack of essential services. She has pledged to address the deficit in children's needs in the municipal capital and in the areas of Leona Vicario, Central Vallarta, and Delirios.

Alvear has highlighted the lack of safe roads and adequate police surveillance, which has led to children being unable to ride their bikes to school or play outside. She has also noted the improper placement of speed bumps. To address these issues, Alvear advocates for a permanent program to maintain and rehabilitate children's parks and sports facilities.

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In the municipal capital, Alvear has identified 13 locations with insufficient signage. Of the three parks in the area, two are poorly maintained. Alvear has pointed out the neglect of the park in La Colonia Zetina, the shortage of resources at the sports facility, and the absence of a park in the January 23 area. She emphasized that these conditions create unsafe environments for children.

Additionally, Alvear plans to introduce a program of free extracurricular classes, which is currently non-existent. She also aims to address the needs of working mothers by finding an alternative location for the overcrowded El Principito daycare center, which currently relies on donations to operate.

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