Emergency personnel in protective suits by a truck at a nighttime road scene with ambient street lighting

Fatal Shooting Shocks Cancún: Victim Found on José López Portillo Avenue

Late Tuesday evening, an unidentified man was tragically shot and killed near José López Portillo Avenue in Cancún. Local residents, who heard the gunfire, promptly alerted law enforcement.

Responding to the call, members of the Municipal Police arrived at the scene, located near the Valle Verde neighborhood. They discovered the victim's lifeless body lying face down on the sidewalk, surrounded by numerous spent shell casings.

The area was swiftly cordoned off by the officers, who then informed the State Attorney General's Office (FGE). Shortly after, staff from the prosecutor's office arrived to process the scene. They also took responsibility for the victim's body, moving it to the Forensic Medical Service headquarters for an autopsy.

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