Unique sculptural white buildings with organic shapes nestled among tropical forest vegetation, giving the impression of futuristic habitation in a natural setting. Pathways are illuminated by warm-hued lanterns amid the greenery.

Uncover the Secrets of Azulik Basin’s En-chanted Garden

The En-chanted Garden is a sanctuary for a diverse range of species, including plants, fungi, lichens, animals, pollinators, insects, bats, reptiles, and birds. It's also a meeting place for Mayan spiritual leaders, x-meens, and herbal doctors from around the world, who share the profound pharmaceutical, mystical, and cultural wisdom of their ancestors.

This unique space attracts a multidisciplinary crowd of artists, craftsmen, scientists, researchers, and the curious. They come together to explore different forms of knowledge, connect with the sacred and natural world, and learn from the cosmogony of indigenous peoples. The aim is to collectively create a conscious future in harmony with nature's rhythms. The garden is thoughtfully designed to guide visitors into the heart of the jungle and the earth, with landmarks such as the Mayan ceiba tree and the four directions. There are areas for meditation, a warehouse, a germinator or Garden of Hope, a medicinal spiral, a table of knowledge, and a compost area. Future plans include a seed bank, a vegetable gene reserve, and a greenhouse with power plants, the heart of the forest.

Upon closer inspection, visitors will discover a herbal Codex. This is a collection of informative cards scattered throughout the garden, each one detailing one of the 52 cataloged plants. The cards, illustrated with watercolors by artist Cristina Ochoa, provide medicinal and cultural information from traditional doctors and Mayan priests: Don Valerio Canché, Rodolfo Puch, and Leydi Dorantes Cob. QR codes offer further insights into these masters' relationships with each plant. Visitors can deepen their understanding by attending workshops from the Sacred Art and Ecology program and participating in various activities and ceremonies.

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The En-chanted Garden serves as a multidimensional portal, offering a journey through time from ancestral memory to present-day care, and towards a collectively imagined future.