Overhead view of a library interior with patrons at the circulation desk, walking through aisles, and using computers, decorated with colorful paper flowers and educational posters.$# CAPTION

“Unleash Your Imagination at Solidaridad Libraries – A Cultural Oasis for All Ages!”

The Quintana Roo Department of Education warmly welcomes the entire community to visit the libraries in the Solidaridad municipality. These spaces house a vast range of literature, from novels to short stories, and are accessible to everyone.

In addition to a diverse collection of books, the libraries in this municipality also offer guided tour programs. These tours provide students with a valuable educational experience. Recently, children from the April 21 kindergarten took part in a visit, underscoring the significance of such activities for the intellectual and cultural growth of the community.

The three libraries available for visits are: Jaime Torres Bodet, located at Avenue 30 with Street 78 in the Colosio neighborhood; Leona Vicario, situated at the intersection of Avenues 15 and Juarez in the downtown neighborhood; and the Ángeles Mastretta library, found on Chechen Street between Xiat and Huaya, in the Puerto Aventuras mayor's office.

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