A group of people browsing various items at a local market stall with accessories, clothes, and handmade crafts displayed on tables under a shaded area.

Empower Female Entrepreneurs in Cancún – Boosting Local Economy

The Driving the Economy of Women Who Create festival was recently held in Cancún to support and empower local women entrepreneurs. The event was targeted at women who have participated in self-employment courses at the Comprehensive Women's Care Modules.

The Benito Juarez City Council emphasized the vital need to combat gender inequality. They recognized that in many cases, women are the backbone of the family and society, playing a significant role in strengthening the community and boosting the local economy.

The council highlighted the importance of creating spaces where women in Cancún can receive support, education, advice, and promotion for their ventures. They acknowledged the profound impact this economic empowerment initiative has on the municipality of Benito Juarez.

The event is held monthly at iconic locations such as Las Palapas Park or the City Hall's Plaza de la Reforma. However, in response to requests from the entrepreneurs wishing to showcase and sell their products, the next event on May 3rd will be held at a new location: La Corregidora Park, also known as El Crucero. This change of venue marks a first for the festival.

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