A collage of two images: on the left, a banner on a tree says "PROHIBIDA LA ENTRADA A TURISTAS ELECTORALES" in Spanish, and on the right, a hand holding a legal document in front of a government building.

“Electoral Tourism Scandal Rocks Sudzal, Yucatan: Residents Take Stand!”

Residents of Sudzal, Yucatan, have raised concerns about potential electoral fraud, following suspicions of an inflated voter roll filled with unknown individuals. The locals have lodged a formal complaint against the mayoral candidate from the National Action Party and others who might be involved in possible electoral crimes. The complaint was filed with the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Crimes, located in the Federal Prosecutor's Office security complex.

In response to these suspicions, the locals have displayed banners around the town with messages such as: "No entry for electoral tourists. If you're here for electoral tourism, don't bother voting because we will kick you out". Another banner reads: "In Sudzal, we respect democracy".

Several alleged "electoral tourists" have already been identified, including individuals with the surnames Iuit D., Iuit J.J., Iuit J., Iuit Matú J., Frías R., Ramírez L., Dorantes M., Sosa M., García G., Burgos A., and Burgos L. There are also dozens of unidentified people, leading residents to express their determination to prevent these strangers from influencing their local elections. In light of the formal complaint, agents from the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Crimes are expected to arrive in the municipality on Sunday, June 2, to document and oversee the elections.