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“Diego Castañón’s Bold Vision for Tulum’s Revitalization Revealed!”

Diego Castañón Trejo, a candidate for the municipal presidency of Tulum, has shared his vision for the city's transformation with the Riviera Maya branch of the Employers' Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex). His plan includes supporting young entrepreneurs, diversifying tourist attractions, and enhancing security, mobility, and services through transparent governance. Castañón Trejo addressed the concerns of the business community, expressing his willingness to collaborate with them if he is elected.

Castañón Trejo's strategy involves empowering the youth through access to education and job opportunities. This would be facilitated by scholarships, internet access, and a wide range of educational and employment prospects, supplemented by further training. He also plans to invest heavily in sports infrastructure over the next three years, with the aim of promoting a healthy population and combating drug misuse.

In addition to this, Castañón Trejo is committed to restoring green spaces and creating 13 playgrounds. He also plans to promote cultural and entertainment tourism to diversify tourist attractions and stimulate growth, particularly in light of upcoming projects like the new international airport, the Maya Train, and the Jaguar Park. He told Coparmex members, "We are going to update the tourist Urban Development Plan (UDP), the urban center, and the Ecological Land-Use Programme (POEL)."

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Castañón Trejo also stressed that improving security is a key part of Tulum's transformation. His plans include investing in a new C4 police intelligence center, installing 500 surveillance cameras, and ensuring exits are manned by well-trained staff.

Finally, he encouraged business leaders to embrace digital data processing, a model successfully used by governments in Europe and the United States, to benefit investors, developers, and companies.