Three people engaging in a friendly hug; two women, one in a striped pink shirt and sunglasses, the other smiling in a white blouse, and a man in a white shirt with embroidery.

Diego Castañón: Tulum’s Teachers Join Forces for Community Progress

Diego Castañón Trejo, the Morena candidate for the municipal presidency of Tulum, was warmly received by residents of the Mayapax neighborhood. During his visit, Castañón interacted with local families and teachers, sharing his policy proposals and plans for the region.

In recognition of Tulum's educational sector, Castañón expressed his commitment to working closely with educators for the betterment of the community. He emphasized the crucial role teachers play in shaping the future professionals of the region.

"Tulum's teachers are the authors of the book that shapes our lives during our formative years as students," Castañón said. "I admire and respect them deeply, and I am committed to working in coordination with everyone to enhance the quality of education, train more professionals, and improve working conditions."

During his visit, Castañón not only presented his plans but also took the time to listen to the concerns and ideas of local workers, parents, teachers, and residents. He assured those who opened their doors to him of his commitment to the Morena party and to the construction of the second floor of the 4T.

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