Forensic investigators in white suits examining a crime scene cordoned off with yellow police tape

Yucatan Crime Rates Soar, Campeche Plummets: Peninsula Crime Trends Revealed

As of April 30th, the Peninsula has recorded a total of 6,666 crimes. Despite being one of the states with the lowest crime rates in the country, Yucatan experienced a significant increase of 19.6 percent compared to the previous year. In contrast, Campeche saw the largest decrease in crime with a drop of 33.1 percent. Meanwhile, Quintana Roo observed a modest rise of 6.5 percent, accounting for nearly 5,000 of the total crimes.

The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System's Common Criminal Incidence Statistical Summary reveals that 4,692 crimes were reported in Quintana Roo, 1,595 in Campeche, and 379 in Yucatan as of April 30th this year. Despite Yucatan having the fewest crimes per 100,000 inhabitants at 15.3, compared to Quintana Roo's 227.6 and Campeche's 167.1, it was the state with the second-largest increase from the previous April. The only state with a larger increase was Sinaloa, which saw a rise of 24.6 percent.

In terms of intentional homicides, Yucatan had the fewest with four, followed by Campeche with 10, and Quintana Roo with 54. These numbers are significantly lower than the state with the highest count, Guanajuato, which reported 260 intentional homicides, averaging two per day. However, all three states on the Yucatan Peninsula saw a decrease in this type of crime: Campeche by 9.1 percent, Quintana Roo by 23.9 percent, and Yucatan by 33.3 percent.

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Nationally, there has been a decrease in feminicides, house burglaries, and transport thefts. However, the overall crime rate has increased by 4.5 percent, with intentional homicides seeing the largest rise at 7.4 percent, resulting in 2,622 deaths.