Two security personnel monitoring multiple surveillance camera feeds on several computer screens within a control room.

Enhanced Security in Cozumel with 33 New Monitoring Points

On Friday, May 4, the Command and Control Center (C2) in Cozumel was officially opened. This was accompanied by the activation of 33 new smart monitoring points across the island. The goal of this initiative is to enhance security and bolster Cozumel's reputation as a safe tourist destination.

The surveillance capability of the island has significantly increased from 10 to 63 smart monitoring points. This includes a total of 262 video surveillance cameras equipped with advanced technologies. These technologies include facial recognition, video analysis, and license plate reading (LPR) to expedite the process of criminal apprehension.

The C2 center in Cozumel is equipped with 80 cameras. These are linked to the Citizen Security Secretariat's C4 center to optimize emergency response. Julio César Gómez Torres, the Secretary of Citizen Security, stressed the crucial role of Command and Control Centers in combating crime.

With this new system, all activities will be recorded – even the romantic moments shared on the boardwalk!

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