A group of individuals protesting on a street holding signs, with the back of a vehicle on the right side of the frame

“Cozumel Hotel Workers Fight for Fair Share – Profit Dispute Escalates!”

Employees of the Allegro Hotel in Cozumel have staged a protest outside the hotel, which is situated in the southern part of the island. The workers are calling for a fair share of the hotel's profits, claiming that the company's current gratuity payments are insufficient.

The protest has been ongoing for several days. Demonstrators were seen holding banners with messages such as "we are your human capital" and "we just ask for justice". They have also threatened to strike if their demands are not met.

In response to the protest, eight patrol cars carrying approximately 30 municipal police officers were dispatched to the scene. The officers requested that the protesting workers avoid obstructing traffic and access to the hotel.

The employees argue that the hotel has been fully booked throughout the year and question the company's claim of no profits. After staging the protest, the workers returned to their duties following a truce with hotel management, who promised to discuss the matter with their superiors.

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