“Discover How Cozumel Beaches Are Fighting Sargassum Invasion!”

In Cozumel, a staggering 280 tons of sargassum seaweed have been removed from the island's primary beaches up until the end of May. The Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT) director, Milton Zavala Aradilla, stated that the beaches are currently experiencing a moderate influx of sargassum, which aligns with the expected seasonal patterns.

Daily cleaning efforts are being conducted on ZOFEMAT's public beaches. These include popular spots like Mezcalitos, Chumul, Caleta Chen Río, Mirador Chen Río, Playa San Martin, Mirador San Martin, Playa Bonita, and Rafael E. Melgar Avenue. A dedicated team of 25 individuals manually perform these tasks using tools such as rakes, scrapers, and stretchers.

The current administration is persistently working on enhancing sargassum collection strategies to maintain Cozumel's appeal as a tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors. These efforts not only benefit tourists but also the local community, as they help preserve the island's natural beauty.

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