Signage for Tren Maya Estacion Chetumal with construction in the background under a cloudy sky

“Explore the Future: Mayan Train Station Rising in Chetumal”

The construction of the Mayan Train station in Chetumal, part of Section 7 of the railway project, is moving along steadily. Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa recently toured the site, inspecting the various facilities currently under construction.

"We are checking on the progress of the station's construction, which includes waiting rooms, commercial spaces, restrooms, a VIP room, and the ticket office," said Governor Lezama Espinosa. "We are also examining the platforms and their passenger boarding and disembarking areas, as well as the green and urbanized spaces."

Governor Lezama Espinosa explained that the station will serve as a connection point for visitors to the nearby airport and archaeological sites. One such site is Oxtankah, the largest pre-Hispanic city in the bay of Chetumal.

The governor also highlighted the archaeological site of Kohunlich, known for its impressive masks related to the sun and Venus deity. These sites attract millions of tourists to the state each year, and with the new train station, even more visitors will be able to explore the southern regions of the state.

"The Mayan Train will not only showcase the splendor of Mayan culture, but it will also promote cultural tourism," said Governor Lezama Espinosa. "This will bring shared prosperity and social well-being to the families living in the southern part of Quintana Roo."

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She encouraged everyone – residents of Quintana Roo, visitors, and tourists – to explore the region and immerse themselves in its rich history and culture. "This is where the heartbeat of our ancestors can still be felt, and where we can reclaim our identity," she said.