Two individuals are shown standing between two armed law enforcement officers against a backdrop with emblems; seized items are displayed in front of them on a table.

Shocking Drug Trafficking Bust in Cancún – Couple Caught Red-Handed!

In Cancún, a couple was apprehended after being found in possession of drugs and a firearm. The arrest took place during a routine patrol when police officers noticed two individuals on a parked motorcycle on 71st Street, intersecting with 50th Street and Flamingo Street, in the municipality of Benito Juárez.

As the officers observed, a third person approached the couple to receive a clear plastic bag filled with a substance resembling marijuana. Upon noticing the police, this individual quickly fled the scene on a black motorcycle.

The remaining two individuals were detained for inspection. The police seized 65 clear plastic bags containing a green plant-like substance, similar to marijuana, a medium-sized bag of the same substance, and 20 bags of a white substance resembling crystal meth.

The officers also confiscated a motorcycle believed to be used for drug distribution. Additionally, a Taurus brand 9 mm handgun, a magazine, 11 9 mm cartridges, and a red and black Italika brand motorcycle with Quintana Roo state license plates were seized.

Other items taken into custody included a small gray digital scale, a black fanny pack, and a red delivery backpack. The couple was subsequently handed over to the Office Specializing in Combating Drug Trafficking Crimes.

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