Group of seven women standing in a row, each holding a certificate of recognition, with a purple banner in the background.

CONAVIM and IQM Join Forces Against Harassment

In an effort to create a safe and respectful environment for women at Quintana Roo Chetumal Universities, the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence (CONAVIM) and the Quintana Roo Women's Institute (IQM) have partnered with the Autonomous University of Quintana Roo (UAQROO). They recently hosted a forum focused on strengthening mechanisms for the prevention, response, punishment, and eradication of sexual harassment and bullying. They also signed a zero-tolerance declaration against such behaviors in higher education institutions.

The signing of this declaration is a call to redouble ongoing efforts to eliminate sexual violence in educational settings. María Hadad Castillo, the head of the IQM, emphasized the universities' commitment to promoting research, facilitating spaces for dialogue and student participation, and protecting all key players in order to build a more equitable society.

Yunuen González Sánchez, the coordinator of the Gender Unit of CONAVIM, underscored that harassment and bullying have both direct and indirect impacts on communities. She stressed the importance of a united front between authorities and society to eliminate these harmful behaviors.

This event underscores the institutional and societal commitment to not tolerate any form of violence against women. Cristina Torres Gómez, the head of the Ministry of Government, highlighted Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa's commitment to eradicating gender violence. Numerous authorities and subject matter experts participated in the forum, reiterating the importance of creating safe and inclusive environments for all, and collectively working to prevent, address, punish, and eradicate violence in all its forms.