Visitors looking at a capybara in a zoological park with lush greenery in the background

Chetumal Zoo Animals Safe and Sound Amid Floods

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) has confirmed that the animals at the Payo Obispo Zoo in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, are in good health following recent flooding due to heavy rains. Profepa staff, along with the zoo director, conducted a thorough inspection of the facility on June 18th to assess the condition of the 352 animals housed there, as well as the state of their enclosures and shelter areas.

Heavy rainfall began on Friday, June 14th, causing a nearby lake to rise by approximately 60 centimeters. Despite this, the local fauna remained unaffected. A tzalam tree fell early Saturday morning on the 15th, damaging the enclosure of eight parrots and two ocellated turkeys. Fortunately, all the birds were unharmed. The damaged enclosure is currently undergoing repairs.

The water level has been slowly receding and the 352 animals (comprising 131 reptiles, 81 birds, and 140 mammals) appear to be in good physical condition. They are receiving appropriate care and attention. The zoo also maintains a 24-hour staff and security presence to ensure that any emergencies are swiftly dealt with and federal authorities are promptly notified.

Profepa will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure the safety and well-being of the zoo's animals, taking necessary precautions to protect them in the event of any environmental emergencies.