A Ford SUV parked at night with a visible lens flare from a street light.

Horrifying Crash in Cancun: Car Flips After Collision

A serious accident took place on Friday night on Av. Talleres, between 135th Street, in the Supermanzana 101 district of Cancun. The driver of a Ford Expedition lost control of his vehicle for reasons yet to be determined.

The driver failed to adjust to the road conditions and as a result, collided with a parked Jeep. The force of the impact was strong enough to overturn the Ford Expedition onto its left side.

Officers from the Benito Juarez Municipal Police and Traffic department arrived at the scene to secure the area and initiate an accident investigation. Paramedics were also dispatched to the scene to attend to the injured driver. The driver of the Ford Expedition was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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