Land Use and Construction License Fees Slashed by 80% to Aid Homeowners

Jorge Portilla Mánica, a candidate for the municipal presidency of Movimiento Ciudadano, has proposed a minimum fee for land use and construction licenses. This proposal aims to make it more affordable for families to build or expand their homes, upholding the constitutional right of citizens to own property. Portilla Mánica made this statement during a visit to the "Guerra de Castas" subdivision.

"Building a home, creating a family estate, has become a luxury," said Portilla Mánica. "We aim to eradicate corruption in urban development."

During his visit, locals voiced their concerns about the high fees imposed by the Department of Urban Development. They shared that building a 3-meter-long wall costs 120,000 pesos, and a 5 by 5 sheet metal roof can cost up to 170,000 pesos.

Portilla Mánica pledged to end this corruption, stating that these high fees are a way to force citizens to make under-the-table payments. "We need to continue growing this movement to save Tulum. It's important for the citizens' voice to become the government, and for us to unite and build Tulum's greatness together," he said.

Without a rate card in Tulum, building a house has indeed become a luxury, he added. "This is unacceptable. We all have the right to build an estate for our children. In the humanistic and citizens' government, we will propose a rate of 3,000 pesos for extensions to the City Council."

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Portilla Mánica also expressed his intention to collaborate with the College of Engineers and Architects to help sign off on construction projects, which would reduce costs and improve living conditions for families.