A busy street scene with multiple buses, cars, and pedestrians indicating heavy traffic and urban congestion during peak hours.

Chaos in Cancún: Unregulated Transport Sparks Disorder

The streets of Cancún are in a state of disarray due to the failure of the Mobility Institute of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo) to regulate transport. Taxis, minibuses, motorcycle taxis, and buses are operating without oversight, leading to a significant disruption in mobility across the city.

Imoveqroo has expressed interest in introducing electric buses to Cancún, but seems to be neglecting the regulation of existing minibuses. The result is a chaotic transport system, with drivers of taxis, buses, minibuses, and motorcycle taxis operating without restrictions.

Public transport users are voicing their dissatisfaction with the poor service, while Imoveqroo and its director, Rodrigo Alcázar, appear to be failing in their duty to maintain order and prevent illegal activities.

Motorists have accused Imoveqroo inspectors and Alcázar of extortion and non-compliance with regulations. The lack of control has led to an increase in disorder on Cancún's streets, with overcrowding, accidents due to speeding, and a general lack of authority from transport officials becoming commonplace.

Anarchy Reigns on the Streets of Cancún

Situation Exceeds Authorities and Complaints Add Up

Motorists Accuse Imoveqroo Inspectors of Extortion

Motorcycle Taxis also not Regulated in Cancún

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