A photo of motorcyclists riding at night on a well-lit street with trees on the sides.

Cancún to Launch Motorcycle Club Registry for Safer Rides

The Benito Juárez municipal government is planning to establish a registry for motorcyclists who participate in club rides throughout the city. Antonio Riveroll Ribbon, the City Council's general secretary, stated that the goal is to better understand the composition of these motorcycle clubs for safety reasons.

“The aim of this initiative is to have a comprehensive registry. It's not just about regulation or control, but also about knowing important information like the rider's blood type, their identity, and their relatives in case of an accident," said Ribbon. He added that the registry would be developed in collaboration with the motorcycle clubs that organize the rides, some of whom have already expressed interest in supporting this cause. "They see the value in it, recognizing that motorcycle accidents can be more deadly than car accidents.”

Negotiations between the motorcycle clubs and municipal authorities are ongoing to regulate club rides. For instance, the Transit Department has proposed a plan for the clubs to follow specific routes. "Ideally, they should have a route of more than 40 kilometers, using three-lane avenues and leaving one lane open for other vehicles," Ribbon suggested.

He acknowledged receiving complaints about late-night rides, particularly in Malecón Tajamar, and the clubs have been asked to reschedule these rides. The authorities are also considering providing a dedicated space for the clubs to perform stunts, rather than on public roads. Ribbon mentioned the possibility of using a parking lot for this purpose, though details are yet to be finalized.