Campos Confirmed as New Municipal President of Solidaridad

The Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo Delivered the Majority Certificate to Lili Campos Miranda

Campos Confirmed as new Municipal President of Solidaridad. The Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (LEIQROO) delivered the certificate of the majority to Lili Campos Miranda, which confirms her as the elected Municipal President of Solidaridad, with a total of 26,379 votes.

After a counting process that lasted more than 48 hours, at approximately 11:00 a.m., the members of the Municipal Council displayed outside the headquarters the results sheet, granting victory to Lili Campos, of the “Va por Quintana Roo” coalition.

Photo Credit: Octavio Martínez/SIPSE

In second place was Laura Beristáin Navarrete, seeking reelection with the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia”, who received 22,906 votes.

Last night, Lili Campos Miranda arrived at the Municipal Council to receive the majority and validity certificate. She was accompanied by members of her slate and leaders of the parties that made up the winning coalition.

In a brief message, she thanked the citizens for their support and spoke about her government plans. “This triumph is not for Lili Campos, this triumph is for Solidaridad and, of course, I will work hard with this commitment, with this loyalty to my people, to Solidaridad and above all, to give the results they deserve,” said Lili Campos Miranda.

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The municipal count in the municipality of Solidaridad was the longest in the whole state. A recount of 180 out of 395 electoral packages was performed. Additionally, the council submitted for analysis more than 700 votes reserved for different criteria.

Tuesday concluded the counting process of the elections for all the municipalities in Quintana Roo. Other winners include Mara Lezama, in Benito Juárez; Atenea Gómez Ricalde, in Isla Mujeres; Blanca Merari Tziu, in Puerto Morelos; Juanita Alonso, in Cozumel; Mary Hernández, in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, and Yensunni Martínez, in Othón P. Blanco. Also confirmed were Orlando Emir Bellos, in Lázaro Cárdenas; Marciano Dzul Caamal, in Tulum; Erick Borges, in José María Morelos, and José Contreras Méndez, in Bacalar.

Source: SIPSE