A forensic services van with the inscription "SERVICIOS PERICIALES" on the side, a person standing next to it, and a natural backdrop with trees.

Shocking Discovery in Las Torres: Body Found Wrapped in Sheet

A body, shrouded in a sheet, was found in the area known as Las Torres. The discovery was made on a Sunday morning. As per official reports, local residents came across the body around 9 am on a dirt road near the Taxi Drivers Union's remote terminal.

Local law enforcement, the Municipal Citizen Safety, arrived at the scene and confirmed the body's presence. The body showed signs of violence, leading to the area being cordoned off to facilitate the State Attorney General's Office's (FGE) work.

Following this, agents from the Investigation Police and personnel from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) arrived to gather evidence for the ongoing investigation and to remove the body from the scene.

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