A joyful group of people holding a blue banner with a message about the ocean inside a room during a World Oceans Day event

Bacalar’s Spectacular World Ocean Day Celebration!

World Ocean Day, established in 2008 by the United Nations General Assembly, is celebrated every June 8. The day was created to promote reflection on the impact of oceans on our daily lives and to raise awareness about human influence on the ocean. It also encourages sustainable use of ocean resources.

In Bacalar, a group of passionate young people teamed up with organizations such as YZ Development Projects, Mía Sustentable Foundation, Alak Bacalar, and DhBus. They organized a two-day program on June 12 and 13 to commemorate World Ocean Day, focusing on the importance of the hydrosphere for our planet.

It's crucial to note that oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface, generate over 50% of the planet's oxygen, and absorb 30% of human-produced carbon dioxide emissions each year.

The first day of the celebration took place in the Kukulkán hall of the MÍA Bacalar Hotel Convention Center. The event was opened by Prof. Rosa Morales, President of YZ Development Projects. Diego Sánchez from Alak Bacalar then introduced the speakers, including Dr. Flor Arcega Cabrera from the UNAM's Environmental Hydro geochemistry group, and Maricarmen Rodríguez, Director of DHBus.

Other participants included Rodolfo Salinas Roca, founder of Natoure and a recognized Latin American climate leader, and Mercury Amaryllis, who presented on the importance and life of stromatolites.

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The second day of celebrations saw visits to local schools, General Secondary #4 Vicente Guerrero and Vespertine Elementary -Tenochtitlan. The students were treated to a playful presentation by DHBus and a screening of the documentary "Shark my love," produced by Miguel Bárcena Kramsky and Alejandro Garrido of Alpha Expeditions.

The event was a significant success, and the organizers plan to continue their efforts to benefit our planet.