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Atenea Gómez Proposes Innovate Animal Welfare Center in Isla Mujeres

Atenea Gómez, a candidate for the municipal presidency of Isla Mujeres, has proposed the establishment of the first Animal Welfare Center on the island. This proposal comes as a response to the pressing issue of stray animals, a concern that has been consistently raised throughout her campaign.

The proposed Animal Welfare Center's primary aim is to rescue and provide shelter for homeless or abused pets. The center would offer a range of services including adoption, vaccination, sterilization, deworming, and veterinary care.

Gómez, representing the Sigamos Haciendo Historia coalition, stressed the center's role in fostering empathy and promoting pet adoption among the island's residents. "Our goal is to provide a refuge for homeless or abused pets where they can receive veterinary medical attention and care," she said.

Gómez also emphasized that the Animal Welfare Center would serve the entire municipality, offering free services for the benefit of pets.

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