Assailant Escapes Easily After Attempted Execution in Puerto Aventuras

Lack of Emergency Services Causes Concern

A man was seriously wounded by an assailant who then fled the scene without difficulty after an attempted execution that occurred this afternoon in a subdivision in the town of Puerto Aventuras, in the municipality of Solidaridad.

The attention to the injured person showed a relative lack of coordination amongst police and emergency services as no ambulance arrived to transfer the subject to receive medical care. The victim was ultimately taken to the General Hospital in Playa del Carmen in a Municipal police car.

Photo by Jonnica Hill on Unsplash

The attack took place this afternoon around 5:00 p.m. in the presence of neighbors of the Puerto Maya community. According to eyewitnesses, a man on a motorcycle was shot by another man, also on a motorcycle when he pulled up to a pizzeria located on Avenida Calzada Maya.

The victim fell to the ground with three wounds, while the gunman fled the scene with ease. As there are currently no ambulances on call in Puerto Aventuras, the wounded man was taken to the hospital by police in a patrol car rather than waiting for one to be called in.

Experts from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) arrived later at the scene to pack the evidence of the incident.

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Source: El Punto Sobre La I